Language. Reading. Communication. These words are continuously thrown around when discussing the learning and cognitive development of children, but these concepts are not limited to the young. They are also not limited to individuals without disabilities. No matter a person’s age or ability, story time is an excellent way to engage, encounter, and embrace new information and experiences in a safe and structured environment. Thanks to the Vigo County Public Library our friends at Happiness Bag get to enjoy the classics, the adventures, and the characters we’ve all come to love. This is done through a multi-sensory learning experience that invites participation and growth. Due to the audience’s special needs, the story time follows a set routine that provides the structure needed for our friends to have the most enjoyable experience. The readings are kept short, are illustrated, and most often relate to current events or daily lessons. This setup allows listeners to be actively engaged while practicing valuable life skills such as focus, turn-taking, call and response, and memory recall. Sensory story time is a favorite at Happiness Bag, but that should be no surprise- who doesn’t like a nice afternoon adventure with beloved friends.

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