Hi There. I am Caren Elrod. I’ve been employed with Happiness Bag since 2013 as the Day Program Director. I love helping my friends at Happiness Bag on their individual journeys to success. My journey with Happiness Bag began around 15 or more years ago as a volunteer coach with Special Olympics.  I love the energy and enthusiasm of each of the athletes and could not wait to see their progress with each event.  I was very happy to be able to become an employee when the opportunity arose. The Day Program participants provide me with new adventures to look forward to each day. I am blessed to be in a field I love, working with the best group of folks in Terre Haute!! If you do what you love and love what you do what more could you ask for?

My Skills



Relating to others and being able to effectivly communicate is important when trying to foster relationships.



You're never too old to learn smoething new!



Strive for progress not perfection.